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Resulting from the generalisation of existing approaches to an estimation of the human requirements the universal technique was developed. It allows to define separatelly the quantitative expressivenesses of physiological requirements, requirements for safety, reproductive, social, requirements for education, requirements for self-realisation, uniting them in two groups, characterised by the centripetal beginning and focused on an involvement into society. The expediency of calculation of two derivative indicators was proved: level of requirements's actualisation and success's installation of result's achievement. The interrelation of the developed indicators with main psychophysiological and psychological characteristics of the person were proved.

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A B Mulik

M V Postnova

Yu A Mulik

Valeriy Valer'evich Novochadov

Email: novovv@rambler.ru <http://mail.yandex.ru/neo/compose?mailto=novovv@rambler.ru>

A B Mulik

M V Postnova

Y A Mulik

V V Novochadov


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