Quality of life of patients who was exposed a hemygasrectomy


Quality of life of patients who was exposed a hemygasrectomy is investigated. For an assessment of quality of life questionnaire SF-36 is used. Analysis was effected in the basic and control bunches. The basic bunch - 21 patient who was exposed a resection of a stomach on Bilrot-1, control bunch - 29 patients, suffering a peptic ulcer. There was, that a degree of quality of life of the patients who was subjected a resection of a stomach are higher, than the qualities of life of the patients, suffering a peptic ulcer . The maximal difference as life of the basic and control bunches has been received by criteria: the role functioning caused by a physical state, a pain, vitality, social functioning and the role functioning caused by an emotional state. Improvement of quality of life of the patients who was subjected a hemygastrectomy, is achieved not only due to physical, but also due to a psychologic component of health


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