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Stabilometrical study was performed in 58 patients with congenital clubfoot aged from 5 to 16 years old not only before the conservative and surgical treatment, but also in the long-term period after correction of foot deformities - from 2 to 10 years. Among them 39 patients had both affected feet, 8 - only the right foot and 11 - only the left one. The most significant imbalance of the body was observed in patients with unilateral lesions of the feet, while the correlation patterns of deviation of body pressure center were detected in the frontal plane: the dislocation to the left - in right-side clubfoot and to the right - in left-side clubfoot. The functional state of musculoskeletal system of patients with unilateral clubfoot depends on the affected side; herewith statokinetic abnormalities are more marked in right-side clubfoot. As a result of the treatment of patients with different forms of clubfoot, a clearly positive dynamics of biomechanical changes was observed, e.g. increased functional activity of the operated feet and lower limbs as a whole.

About the authors

Igor Evgenjevich Nikityuk

FSBI «Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children's Orthopedics» of Health Ministry of Russia

Ph.D, leading research associate of the laboratory of physiological and biomechanical research.

Irina Yurjevna Klychkova

FSBI «Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children's Orthopedics» of Health Ministry of Russia

Ph.D, chief of the department of foot pathology, neuroorthopedics and systemic diseases


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Copyright (c) 2013 Nikityuk I.E., Klychkova I.Y.

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