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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) can be applied for treatment of different diseases. Human MSC have been isolated from bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood. umbilical cord MSCs (uC- MSC) are obtained during birth with non-invasive, non-traumatic methods and thus seem a good candidate for clinical practice instead of bone-marrow MSC (BM-MSC). It is yet unknown wheth- er the immunophenotype and proliferation capacity of uC-MSC are similar to adipose-derived stem cells (AdSCs) or BM-MSC. The goal of this research was to study the immunophenotype and prolifer- atiion capacity of uC-MSC, AdSCs and BM-MSC. The results indicated that MSC of different origin had similar morphological and immunophenotypic characteristics with minor differences. uC-MSC differed from other cultures by constant level of Cd105 expression, the presence of minor Cd10 - and Cd13 - populations and higher proliferative activity. BM-MSC were characterized by reduced expres- sion levels of Cd90, compared with the uC-MSCs and AdSCs. These data confirm the similarity of uC-MSC with BM-MSCs and AdSCs and the possibility of their use in clinical practice instead of hard-to-obtain BM-MSC.

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About the authors

A A Aisenstadt

North-West State Medical university named after I.I. Mechnicov

N I Enukashvili

T L Zolina

L V Alexandrov

A B Smoljaninov

North-West State Medical university named after I.I. Mechnicov


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