Vol 80, No 8 (2013)


On agricultural materials’ properties taken into consideration during new machinery development

Khaylis G.A., Kovaliov M.M.


Kinds of plant materials are examined, as well as their physical-mechanical properties and deformations under the impact of agricultural machinery working organs.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):3-4
pages 3-4 views

Bases of the theory of mechanical energy functioning in technological machines

Korshun V.N.


Basic principles of the theory of mechanical energy functioning in technological machines are suggested. Equations of force and speed factors are composed on the base of analytical mechanics. Calculated formulas of active and reactive powers for gears with elastic and inertia elements are deduced.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):5-8
pages 5-8 views

A soil cultivating roller

Kushnir V.G.


Structure and operation principle of an improved soil cultivating roller are given. Interaction between teeth and perforations on roller plates and cultivated soil prevents the displacement of soil particles to one of roller side faces. It ensures the uniformity of both cultivation depth and soil density, which are necessary for further high-quality sowing.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):9-10
pages 9-10 views

Parameters of a sowing device for germinated pumpkin seeds

Abezin V.G., Motorin V.A.


Results of experimental testing of a conveyer sowing device are stated.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):10-11
pages 10-11 views

Duplex electromechanical transmission with automatic control system

Dushutin K.A., Ageyev V.A., Vantyusov Y.A.


Electromechanical transmission with automatic module control system including power and technological channels is suggested. Algorithm for resistance determination during segmentary-finger mover operation taking into account power expenditures for driving moment and angular velocity fluctuations is given. Operating ranges of mobile power module with mover mechanical drive and standard Т-25А tractor with КС-2,1 mover were compared.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):12-13
pages 12-13 views

Choosing of class and characteristics of a modern tractor transmission

Amelchenko P.A., Dubovik D.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Zhukovskiy A.I.


Trends of tractor transmissions development are examined, their features are analyzed. Advices on choice of transmission class and characteristics are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):14-19
pages 14-19 views

The problem of synthesis of control algorithms for gear shift using electric-hydraulic and electronic devices

Shipilevskiy G.B.


Approaches to the problem of synthesis of control algorithms for gear shift using electric-hydraulic and electronic devices were examined. It is noted that well-timed shift should increase tractor velocity and a “successful” algorithm should not worsen its usability. Possible criteria were analyzed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):20
pages 20 views

Dynamic loading of load-bearing parts of crawled tractor transmission during the operation in «acceleration – stopping» mode

Tesker Y.I., Shekhovtsov V.V., Taranenko V.Y., Podshivalin K.P.


Procedure and equipment for the testing of crawled machines’ load-bearing gears in «acceleration – stopping» mode are developed. Characteristics of bench dynamic model are maximal close to the characteristics of tractor dynamic system.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):21-23
pages 21-23 views

Performance and power inputs of machine and tractor aggregate

Antipin V.P., Vlasov Y.N., Karshev G.V., Kulikov V.N., Yepifanova A.Y.


Results of analytical investigation of gear reduction rate and transmissive sequence choice for К-744Р-05 tractor transmission are presented. Regular transmission is estimated. Two methods of hyperbolic curve division into segments are examined, taking into account that product of tangential tractive effort and velocity is the constant and condition of an obligatory reserve of engine power for temporary overloads overcoming is fulfilled. Specified gear boxes types for different machine and tractor aggregates are recommended.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):23-28
pages 23-28 views

Some features of reduction rates determination of geared part of agricultural tractor transmission with hydrodynamic gear

Dyachkov Y.A., Fedyanov Y.A.


Procedure of determination of reduction rate of geared part of agricultural tractor transmission with hydrodymamic gear is suggested.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):28-30
pages 28-30 views

Water and fuel combustion in internal combustion engine

Dunayev A.V., Zheleznitskiy A.I.


Some well-known information about internal combustion engines impact on fuel and air as well as operation results of a new developed steam generator mounted on МТЗ-82 tractor are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):30-32
pages 30-32 views

Model of contact surface topography of a rider interfitted with elastomer seal

Vodyakov V.N., Berezin M.A., Kuznetsov V.V.


Preconditions, substantiations and results of the model choice of contact surface of a rider interfitted with rubber seal are presented. It was demonstrated that approximation of real roughness by sinusoidal curve is the most reliable.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):32-34
pages 32-34 views

Estimation of arrangement of a system containing two observation mirrors for object control

Garanin G.V., Zotov I.B.


Theory of slope angles estimation for a system containing two observation mirrors intended for the control of mechanized process and environment objects by mobile machine driver is described.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):34-36
pages 34-36 views

Shape of curvilinear separating surfaces of a gravitational separator

Shatskiy V.P., Popov A.Y., Petrischev I.M.


Mathematical model of movement of grain pile components along the curvilinear separating surface of gravitational separator is presented. This model takes into account the effect of mass variation.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Characteristics and operational modes of a drum potato sorter

Tyutin I.E., Ivanov A.G.


Bases for the estimation of characteristics and operational modes of a drum potato sorter are given, as well as recommendations on tuber damages minimization.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):38-39
pages 38-39 views

Power consumption of soil rotary tillage with small-size cutters having driving wheels

Kupryashkin V.F., Naumkin N.I., Chatkin M.N.


Power inputs were analyzed and equations of power consumption of soil rotary tillage with the use of self-propelled small-size soil cultivating cutters with road wheels were obtained depending on soil conditions, operation modes and machine structural features.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Modeling of spring tines of combined cultivators

Fiodorov S.Y., Chatkin M.N., Kostin A.S., Gorodskov S.Y.


Working organs of combined cultivators on spring tines are examined. Parameters of spring tines’ stressedly-deformed state were obtained on the base of loads modeling. Rigidity adjustment of the tines is suggested to use them on different soils.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):41-44
pages 41-44 views

Durability of end seal of a centrifugal pump with nanoceramic composite coatings produced by means of micro-arc oxidation technology

Godzhayev Z.A., Zaytsev S.D., Suminov I.V., Somov O.V.


A program-technique and testing results of end seals coated with nanostructured material and positioned on centrifugal pumps of diesel cooling system are presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):44-47
pages 44-47 views

Influence of acceptable wearing of a part on its reliability parameters

Tabakov P.A.


The proposed technique permits to determine the minimal replacement parts consumption, to decrease expenditures on them, to regulate consumption in repair services, to reduce the probability of parts failure and the cost of machine maintenance.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):47-50
pages 47-50 views

Forecasting of parametric reliability of technological equipment units by output accuracy parameters

Grigoryev A.V., Komarov V.A.


Diagrams of forecasting and reliability margin of technological equipment as well as diagram of parametric failure on accuracy index are presented. The algorithm is developed and its flow chart for parametric reliability forecasting by the Monte-Carlo method is formed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):51-53
pages 51-53 views

Bibliometric analysis of domestic agri-engineering journals

Demidov D.D.


Results of bibliometric analysis of domestic agri-engineering journals on the base of Russian Science Citation Index database are considered.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2013;80(8):54-56
pages 54-56 views

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