Vol 3, No 3S (2006)


Study of the risk of bone-muscular system diseasesamong adult population of Lipetsk region

Shurshukov Y.Y., Muruzov V.K., Shurshukov Y.Y., Muruzov V.C.


В настоящей статье представлены собственные данные изучения риска развития болезней костно-мышечной системы и соединительной ткани среди взрослого сельского населения Липецкой области, полученные в процессе мониторинга состояния здоровья выборочной совокупности граждан в количестве 171197 человек в возрасте 18 лет и старше, проживающих в сельских районах региона.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):3-5
pages 3-5 views

Analysis of midwives of the volgograd region activitiesand ways of medical aid improvement for women

Generalova G.E., Generalova G.E.


The results of social inquiry of midwives and patients of midwifery in- patient departments of the Volgograd region with the purpose to study the social aspects of midwife activities are presented.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):5-7
pages 5-7 views

Problem of smoking in professional groupof health care providers

Alpatova N.S., Alpatova N.S.


There is a significant number of smokers among medical personnel. It has been established that intensity of smoking reaches its maximum at the age of 40-49 in men and at 30-39 in women. A tendency of smoking activity to decrease with age is noted. High risk of lung diseases development due to smoking is revealed mainly in male smokers. Besides, increased intensity of smoking and the level of nicotine dependence is established among health care providers.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):8-10
pages 8-10 views

On the development of social work in Russia:historical aspect

Medvedeva L.M., Volchanskiy M.E., Medvedeva L.M., Volchansky M.E.


The article considers the history of formation of social work in Russia and distinguishes the following approaches to rendering social aid: archaic, that of Christian confession, of the state, social and state, societal and social work as a professional activity. The authors refer to written historical sources. Contemporary problems of organization of social work are highlighted.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):10-13
pages 10-13 views

Сorporativism as a structural form of functioningand reproduction of regional elites

Petrov V.I., Petrov V.I.


This paper describes the basic resources used by Russian regional elites in the political process. The author's approach to the problem is original in that he considers the system of interactions inside and between elites as a rather steady and self-reproducing form of local (regional) corporativism. The author comes to the conclusion that in Russian regions the nucleus of regional system of political interrelations is formed by the political and administrative elite, while the business and industry only designate contours patron-client relations in the region.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):13-16
pages 13-16 views

Brand evaluation approaches. Brand in the marketof medical servises

Zakharova I.A., Zakharova I.A.


The methodologies developed to date for establishing brand equity or brand value can be classified into four groups: business finance-oriented models, psychographic or behaviorally oriented models, complex financial/behavioral models, input/output and portfolio models. A reputable (famous) brand in particular can reduce risks when promoting new products. Therefore, brands can help companies make higher profits. Thus, a reputable brand represents a sustainable value for a company.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):17-19
pages 17-19 views

"Assisting" profession: to a problem of psychologicalplot

Zhulanova I.V., Zhulanova I.V.


The author investigates the psychological contents of the assisting professions: physicians, social worers and psychologists.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):19-22
pages 19-22 views

Importance of the development of imaginationin the speech correction process of mentally retardedpreschool children

Fureeva E.P., Fureyeva E.P.


The article is about children with mental retardation, about work connected with speech correction and also about the help to such children. It is very important to organize the process in a proper way. The article tells about the development of creative imagination and how imagination influences children with speech problems.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(3S):22-24
pages 22-24 views

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