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Author Guidelines

Requirements for Publishing Articles in the Journal of Volgograd State Medical University

Articles based on completed planned research work of research institutions and higher educational establishments which conform with the journal profile (medical and biological sciences) can be accepted to be published in the Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. The papers are to present original research being of significant value for the corresponding field of science. A letter of the organization the author is affiliated with and its head’s recommendation report are to be attached to them. All submitted papers which are to be signed by their authors. The information about authors (their full names, science degrees, academic titles and positions) is to be attached to their papers. The maximum length of an article is 8 pages including tables and illustrative materials. The editorial board has the right to reduce the article. Publications are free for all the authors; postgraduate students do not have to pay for them either.

Typescript Requirements

Two hard copies of any article formatted in Microsoft Word as well as its electronic version on a CD are to be submitted. All the margins are 2.5cm, the print interval is 1.5, paragraph indention is 1.27cm. The body font is Times New Roman 14. Tables, chart and figures are presented as the article unfolds.

The title page must include the following items both in Russian and English:

  • UDC identifier
  • The article’s heading (Russian + English)
  • Full name of the authors (Russian + English)
  • Name of the organization, department
  • Abstract, a brief summary of the paper, up to 5 lines (Russian + English)
  • Key words (Russian + English)

The articles have to follow the IMRAD format covering:

  • Introduction, 
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Contact information: full name, science degree, academic title, position, affiliation, e-mail, mail address including postal code, mobile telephone number.

Illustrative materials are to be prepared for black-and-white print, colour printing is to be specially discussed with the editorial board. Captions must be provided immediately after the figure. Microphotography captions should provide the information about the methods of dying and magnification.


The quoted publications are cited after the Conclusions section (in Russian, then in foreign languages); throughout the article references are provided in square brackets in accordance with the list at the end of the article. The maximum number is 10 sources. References to the papers published more than 10 years ago can rather be an exception (priorities, main methods, generally accepted classifications or standards). The articles, summaries or preprints which have not yet been published cannot be referred to. Only abstracts of the dissertations can be referred to.

Examples of references:

  1. Трубина Н.В. Нарушения нейрогуморальной регуляции в клинике, патогенезе и диагностике функциональных заболеваний желудочно-кишечного тракта: автореф. дис. … канд. мед. наук. – М., 2009. – 26 с.
  2. Автандилов Г. Г. Диагностическая медицинская плоидометрия. – М.: Медицина, 2006. – 192 с.
  3. Kornum J. B., Thomsen R. W., Riis A., et al.// Diabetes Care. 2008. – Aug. – Vol. 31(8). – P. 1541-1545.

Preparing an article to be published and copyright

The final decision about whether the article will be published is made at the sitting of the editorial board considering the conclusion of the reviewer assigned by the editor-in-chief or his deputy within not later than 3 months after it has been received.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with each of the following items, and submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

  • Эта статья не была раньше опубликована, а также не представлена для рассмотрения и публикации в другом журнале (иначе объясните это в Примечаниях для Редактора).

  • Отправляемый файл рукописи имеет формат Microsoft Word или RTF - *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf.

  • Интернет-ссылки представлены в виде полных URL.

  • Текст набран с одинарым межстрочным интервалом, шрифт Times New Roman, 12 pt; для выделения используется курсив, а не подчеркивание (кроме интернет-ссылок); все иллюстрации, графики и таблицы расположены в тексте там, где требуется по смыслу (а не в конце документа).

  • Текст соответствует стилистическим и библиографческим требованиями Руководства для Авторов, расположенном в разделе "О нас".

  • Были удалены имена авторов из заголовка статьи и выполнены другие требования документа Обеспечение Анонимности при Рецензировании.


Privacy Statement

The editorial Board of the journal and the administration of the website of the journal do not transfer personal information in any way specified by the users when working with the website of the journal to third parties, except for those cases and to the extent specified in the terms of the copyright agreement.

The affiliation work and e-mail address of the authors of the manuscript accepted for publication will be published in the section "information about the authors" of the printed version of the journal and in the section "about the authors" on the page of the article on the website of the journal.

The phone number of the corresponding author will be known only to the editorial Board Secretariat and will only be used in cases of emergency.


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