Vol 3, No 4S (2006)


The practice of social support for orphans and invalidsin their realization of rights to education, health careand family guardianship

Khorosheva G.I., Nikolenko N.A., Khorosheva G.I., Nikolenko N.A.


The authors review the social aid system for children and teenagers with neural-psychical disease in the Volgograd region. The article reviles a correlation between increase in children's neural-psychical disorders and unstable social-economic situation.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):3-5
pages 3-5 views

The physical culture and sports is the efficient directionof preventing drug addiction of the adolescentsand youth

Latyshevskaya N.I., Perfil'eva I.V., Saakyan E.G., Latyshevskaya N.I., Perfileva I.V., Sаакyan Е.G.


The article describes the ways of transition from the medical form of preventing drug addiction to the pedagogical, psychologic and social models, the efficiency of physical culture and sports was determined as the way of biuld up the growing generation health, the perspective directions of studing this problem were defined.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):5-7
pages 5-7 views

Formation of skills of healthy life for the students

Klauchek S.V., Firsanova V.M., Klauchek S.V., Phirsanova V.M.


The paper is concerned with the relation of the students to the different types of preparation connected with their future professional work, the qualities were defined which influence on professional formation level of the future sporting manager.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):7-8
pages 7-8 views

The Functional training of mass sport-artistic presentationparticipants

Chikalova N.V., Chikalova N.V.


The article deals with some aspects of senior form school-girls condition during mass sport-artistic training period. The essential functional status of participant was developed.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):9-11
pages 9-11 views

The use of direct influence on the breathing systemof junior footballers

Tsyan' V., Shamardin A.A., Tamozhnikov D.V., Tkachenko N.V., Suchilin A.A., Solopov I.N., Zayn V., Shamardin A.A., Tamozshnikov D.V., Tkachenko N.V., Suchilin A.A., Solopov I.N.


Attention is the problems of differentiated training of different game specialization footballers on basic of use of the methods of upraising of the functional abilities of organism by the direct influence on the breathing system.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):11-13
pages 11-13 views

Graphically created occasionalisms based on thematerials of Russian and French press

Stramnoy A.V., Stramnoy A.V.


This article is about one of the most perspective directions of modern linguistic - neology. Modern lexicologists concentrate attention on analysis of occasionalisms which are the sort of neologisms. In the article we analyze different methods creating graphical occasionalisms, which meaning is clear only by visual perception.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):13-14
pages 13-14 views

Multicultural education as an urgent high schoolproblem

Bessarabova I.S., Bessarabova I.S.


The article substantiates the need for multicultural approach in education which is stipulated by ethnic, religious and cultural diversity of modern society. Some views of American scientists to the solution of this problem are analysed.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):15-16
pages 15-16 views

The Internet space as a new social community

Vasilenko I.V., Vasilenko I.V.


Social dynamics of informational society contribute to a appearance of new social community internet. Diversification of Internet community put under the researcher the question: what do the objects that have different purpose; frameworks and dynamics unite in Internet community. The author illustrated that economic interests, the matter of informational widespread, diversity of informational source and prevail in network community.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(4S):17-18
pages 17-18 views

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