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Author Guidelines

1. Following the Higher Attestation Commission requirements and the Russian Science Citation Index for publication in a journal, the following information about the authors must be presented on a separate sheet:

  • surname, name, patronymic of all authors in full (in Russian and English), academic degree, title, position;
  • The organization's full name - the place of work of each author in the nominative case, country, city (in Russian and English). If all authors work in one institution, it is possible not to indicate the place of work of each author separately;
  • the email address of each author;
  • correspondent postal address and telephone number for contacts with the authors of the article (you can have one for all authors).

2. The first and second copies of the article are sent to the publisher, printed with the 14th type size on one side of a sheet of A4 paper (210 × 297 mm) or close to it after 1.5 line spacing (Times New Roman font). All authors must sign the article.

3. A cover letter signed by the unit commander (the head of the institution or organization) and an expert opinion approved by him is presented for the article — one copy of a certified copy of the copyright certificate or certificate for an invention or rationalization proposal. You must submit a CD-R-RW-disk with the recording of the article and all applications created in the Microsoft Word text editor no higher than version 2003 (text file extension - .rtf). Electronic versions of photos (separate files) in .tif or .jpg format (color with a resolution of at least 400 dpi, and in grayscale mode - at least 600 dpi). In charts, figures, diagrams, maps created by Microsoft Word, spaces and tabs are not allowed (appropriate tools are used).

4. The volume of the original article, including tables, figures, bibliography, should not exceed 14 pages (short article - up to 5 pages), exchange of experience - 6, reviews - 5.
In the original article, at least, sections should be provided: "Purpose of the study," "Material and methods," "Results and discussion," "Conclusions."
Photographs and their electronic versions for the "Jubilees" sub-heading should be duplicated by a print certified by the author with the name of the hero of the day.

5. On the first page of the article are written its name, surname, and initials of the author (s), academic (honorary) rank (degree), military rank (including reserve, retired), place of work (full name and location of the institution, in which the work was done), as well as the author's resume (at least 100–250 words) and keywords in Russian and English. All authors sign the article.

6. Tables, diagrams, diagrams are created using Microsoft Word tools no higher than the 2003 version. Each table should have a number and a title. You cannot create the appearance of lines in tables and diagrams using the "Enter" and "Tab" keys, align data using spaces and tabs. Digital material needs to be processed statistically. Photo tables, tables, and diagrams in the form of drawings, presentations, objects inserted into a Word document that has lost contact with their created program are not accepted.

7. The bibliographic list (in the original articles - no more than 15 sources, in short articles - up to 7, in the overview - up to 30) is printed on a separate sheet after two intervals between lines. As a rule, the bibliography should contain domestic and foreign works on this topic over the past five years. Sources are listed in alphabetical order.


  • Belyakin S.A., Bobrov A.N., Plyusnin S.V. The interdependence of alcohol consumption and mortality from cirrhosis of the liver // Military-medical. journal - 2009. - T. 330, No. 9. - S. 48–54.
  • Edwards G., Anderson P., Babor T.F. et al. Alcohol Policy and the Public Good // OxfordUniversity Press, USA. - 1995 .-- P. 240.
  • Lamoureux E., Pesudovs K. Vision-specific quality-of-life research: a need to improve the quality // Am. J. Ophthalmol. - 2011. - Vol. 151, N 2. - P. 195–197.
  • European Detailed Mortality Database // URL: (accessed 02.24.2013).

8. It is not allowed to submit articles sent for publication in another journal or already published, without reference to the corresponding publication.

9. The editors reserve the right to edit the materials of an article or print it in the form of a short article (abstract). No corrections are sent to the authors; all work with them is carried out according to the original author. Articles submitted to the authors for correction should be returned to the editorial office no later than a month later in printed form and with a corrected electronic version, with the authors' response to the reviewer. The date of receipt is the date the editorial office received the final version of the manuscript.

Articles are sent to the address: 119160, Moscow, the editors of the Military Medical Journal. Email:

Articles submitted only in electronic form are not considered by the editors.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with each of the following items, and submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

  • Absence of plagiarism. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).

  • Correct manuscript format. Manuscript file format is Microsoft Word (has the extension *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf). The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, which is found in "For Authors" section.

  • Cover letter. All the required supporting documents will be submitted together with the manuscript. Authors guarantee to upload scanned original of the filled cover letter in PDF. A cover letter signed by all authors.

  • Supplementary files. The authors have prepared for transfer to the editor within the manuscript submission process:

    • Graphic files (photos, satellite images, graphics, etc.) - all in separate jpg or tiff-files.
    • Data (raw-data, statistic analyzis and so on) and/or media-files.
  • The authors confirm that:

    • all participants who have made a significant contribution to the study are presented as co-Authors;
    • those who did not participate in the study are not listed as co-Authors;
    • all co-Authors have seen and approved the final version of the work and agreed to submit it for publication.

Copyright Notice

When submitting of an article manuscript for publication Author (Co-authors) shall transfer to the Publisher for the entire term of copyright all the exclusive rights to the manuscript, including the rights to translate, make copies of, reprint, grant a license, transfer, disseminate, distribute or otherwise use the article or any content therein, for publication in Military Medical Journal and in derivative works thereof, worldwide, in any language, in print and electronic editions of Military Medical Journal, other periodicals and derivative works in all media now known or later devised, as well as the right to license (or give permission) to third parties (including affiliated persons and others) to use the article for publication in journals, periodicals, derivative works and databases worldwide. The transfer of rights hereunder includes the right to process the form of presentation of the article for use together with computer programs and systems (databases), making copies of, publication, and distribution in machine-readable format and incorporation in the systems for information retrieval.

Author (Co-authors) or the Employer of the Author (Co-authors) of the article shall retain all proprietary rights (with the exception of the rights transferred to or referenced as owned by the Publisher hereunder), including patent and trademark rights, to any process or procedure described in the Works).

The Publisher grants the Author (Co-authors) the following:

  1. The right to self-archive print or electronic preprints of the unpublished article in form and with content accepted by the Publisher for publication in the Journal.
  2. The right to perform free of charge the following actions: to copy or transfer to colleagues a copy of the published article, in whole or in part, for their personal or professional use, for promotion of academic or scientific research, or for informational purposes of the employer.
  3. The right to use any part of the content from the published article in a book written by any of the Co-authors.
  4. The right to use separate illustrations, tables, and text fragments from the article for their personal use in teaching, for their inclusion in another work published (in electronic or print format) by a third party or for presenting them in electronic form in intranet, or on the Author’s (Co-authors) or Author (Co-authors) Employers’ public websites.
  5. The right to include the artilce in lecture notes for classroom use; for free-of-charge distribution of the article to students of the Author (Co-authors); or to maintain them in electronic format on a local server, for students to have access to them as part of an educational course; or for internal training programs in the employer’s enterprise.

The copyright transfer agreement will be sent to Authors as a digital document in MS Word to be hand-printed and signed by all authors (coauthors and copyright holders).

A copyright transfer agreement enters into force if a manuscript is accepted for publication. If for any reason your article is rejected by the editorial board of Military Medical Journal, the agreement loses its force. The decision on acceptance of a manuscript for publication is the exclusive right of the Military Medical Journal editorial board (see more). By signing the agreement, the authors guarantee that they have familiarized themselves and agree with its conditions.


Privacy Statement

The editorial Board of the journal and the administration of the website of the journal do not transfer personal information in any way specified by the users when working with the website of the journal to third parties, except for those cases and to the extent specified in the terms of the copyright agreement.

The affiliation work and e-mail address of the authors of the manuscript accepted for publication will be published in the section "information about the authors" of the printed version of the journal and in the section "about the authors" on the page of the article on the website of the journal.

The phone number of the corresponding author will be known only to the editorial Board Secretariat and will only be used in cases of emergency.


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