Вулканология и сейсмология

The Vulkanologia i sejsmologia Journal focuses on current problems of volcanology and seismology, including:
  • recent continental and sea-bed volcanic activity, products of volcanic eruptions, structure and "roots" of volcanoes, seismic and other observations of active volcanoes, prediction of volcanic eruption;
  • Neogen and Quarternary volcanism;
  • historical evolution of volcanism;
  • Igneous petrology, origin of magmas;
  • geochemistry of volcanic and post-volcanic processes and related mineral and ore formation;
  • seismological observation, seismicity, recent crustal movements, deep structure and geodynamics of the transitional zone from Asia to Pacific and other volcanic areas;
  • physics of earthquakes and seismic processes;
  • seismic prediction research;
  • mechanisms of deep-seated magmatic processes and volcanic eruptions.

Offers essential coverage of volcanic, seismic events and related processes in the Kuril-Kamchatka arc.Successor to the Bulletin of Volcanological Stations, the journal traces its history to the 1970s.


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Current Issue

No 5 (2019)

Geodesic monitoring of ground deformations at Klyuchevskoy Volcano in 1978–2014, Kamchatka
Maguskin М.А., Zharinov N.А., Demyanchuk Y.V.
Вулканология и сейсмология. 2019;(5):3-21
The features of fault tectonics and deep structure of the seismoactive zones in Eastern Priamurye
Merkulova T.V.
Вулканология и сейсмология. 2019;(5):22-35
Paleoseismicity along Adyr faults (on example of Kokonadyr-Tegerek fault in South-Western Issyk-Kul lake region, Tien Shan)
Korzhenkov A.M., Abdieva S.V., Gladkov A.S., Deev E.V., Liu T., Mazeika J.V., Rogozhin E.A., Rodkin M.V., Sorokin A.A., Turova I.V., Fortuna A.B.
Вулканология и сейсмология. 2019;(5):36-53
Mineral-phase paragenes in explosive products of modern emergencies of Kamchatka and Kuril volcanoes. Part 1. Diamonds, carbon phases, condensed organoids
Silaev V.I., Karpov G.A., Anikin L.P., Vasiliev E.A., Vergasova L.P., Smoleva I.V.
Вулканология и сейсмология. 2019;(5):54-67
The conditions of formation of Au–Ag epithermal mineralization of the Amguemo-Kanchalan volcanic field (Eastern Chukotka)
Volkov A.V., Prokofiev V.Y., Sidorov A.A., Vinokurov S.F., Elmanov A.A., Murashov K.Y., Sidorova N.V.
Вулканология и сейсмология. 2019;(5):68-80

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