Agraer-850H tractor-drawn wide-cut combined sowing unit

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Resource-saving technology for grain crops cultivation is considered. Tractor-drawn wide-cut combined sowing unit has been developed and manufactured. Its structure and operation are described.

About the authors

V. Ye Saitov

Zonal Research Institute of Agriculture of North-East

Email: vicsait-valita@е

R. G Gataullin

Zonal Research Institute of Agriculture of North-East


  1. Саитов В.Е., Гатауллин Р.Г. Анализ конструкций энергосберегающих посевных комплексов // Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований. - 2014, №8 (ч. 4).
  2. Saitov V.Ye. et al. Study of aerodynamic system pneumatic transporting seed ventilator set «Agraer-850H» // International Journal Of Applied And Fundamental Research. - 2014, №2.

Copyright (c) 2015 Saitov V.Y., Gataullin R.G.

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