Increase of high angle conveyors’ technological reliability

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Issues of technological reliability increase for high angle conveyor’s operation are considered. It can be ensured by means of coupling improving between a belt and a driving drum, belt retention in case of its breaking and prevention of belt reverse when a conveyor is stopped. Original designs for a driving drum, a disc drum brake, device for conveyor’s belt catching in case of its breaking are proposed; their operation is considered.

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Повышение технологической надежности крутонаклонных конвейеров

About the authors

V. G Kushnir

Kostanay State University


N. P Kim

Kostanay State University

O. A Benyukh

Kostanay State University

N. N Romanyuk

Belarus State Agrarian Technical University

K. V Sashko

Belarus State Agrarian Technical University


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Copyright (c) 2014 Kushnir V.G., Kim N.P., Benyukh O.A., Romanyuk N.N., Sashko K.V.

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