Formation of towed load depending on the moment of resistance

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Mathematical model of movement of a machine-tractor unit with elastic components in the drive of leading wheels is obtained. Elastic drive decreases the wheels driving moment dispersion in 1.5-4 times, that contributes to performance promotion of 10-15% and power inputs reduction of 10-15%.

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Формирование нагрузки на крюке в зависимости от момента сопротивления

About the authors

A. G Zhutov

Volgograd State Agricultural Academy

tel. 8 (8442) 411370

A. A Karsakov

Volgograd State Agricultural Academy

V. I Avramov

Volgograd State Agricultural Academy


  1. Об эластичном приводе ведущих колес трактора / В.Л. Строков и др. // Тракторы и сельхозмашины. – 1974, №8.

Copyright (c) 2013 Zhutov A.G., Karsakov A.A., Avramov V.I.

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