The experimental study of mechanical losses in the modern diesel engine
Khannanov M.D., Gumerov I.F., Fardeev L.I., Kulikov A.S., Alimgulov E.R.
The evolution of design of general purpose tracked tractors
Tsench Y.S., Kosenko V.V., Sharov V.V.
Evaluation of the possibility of using artificial neural networks for self-diagnosis of an internal combustion engine with cylinder deactivation
Khimchenko A.V., Mishchenko N.I., Savchuk O.V.
Evaluation of the offset of the angular scale to improve the control accuracy of the single-cylinder engine
Abramov P.V.
Methodology for the numerical solution of problems in relation to the coil-type electric heat exchangers for heating fuel
Krokhta G.M., Khomchenko Y.N., Usatykh N.A.
Improvement of the process of agricultural machinery fueling with gaseous fuel
Markov V.A., Bebenin E.V., Zykov S.A.
Influence of accidental load on the effective power of gas-turbine and diesel engines being a part of soil cultivating units
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I., Fed'kin D.S., Shkrabak R.V.
Improving diagnostics of the cylinder-piston group by pneumatic testing
Grunin K.E.
Selection of design parameters and settings of biogas spark-ignition engine on the basis of diesel engine
Larionov L.B., Boloyev P.A., Ilyin P.I.
Simulation of functioning processes of machine-tractor unit
Kalachin S.V.
Comparative evaluation of energy efficiency of ploughing units on the basis of tractors with diesel and gas-turbine engines
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I., Shkrabak R.V., Fedkin D.S.
Experimental investigation of gas diesel engine of К-700А tractor
Volodin V.V., Zagorodskikh B.P., Markov V.A., Furman V.V.
Fuel efficiency of tractors coming on the market
Bely I.F., Bobryashov A.P., Kalyuzhny A.V.
Oil consumption of automotive diesels
Antropov B.S., Bodrov V.A., Basalov I.S.
Tractors with the system for exhaust gases cleaning
Goltyapin V.Y.
Regulation of tractor diesel engine operation modes by missing fuel distribution
Potapov V.I., Gajsin E.H., Galiullin R.R., Rozhkov A.S.
Efficiency of a cogeneration plant based on a diesel engine under uneven electrical load conditions
Antipov Y.U., Val'yekho M.P., Oshchepkov P.P., Shatalov I.K., Shatalova I.I.
Increase of durability and wear resistance of internal combustion engine parts by changing their design features
Kochenov V.A., Grunin K.E.
Research of viscosity characteristics of biofuels based on vegetable oils
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Zykov S.A., Sa B.
Way of indicators matching of tractor diesel engines and transmissions
Gorodetskiy K.I., Serebryakov V.V., Melnikov A.Y., Muratova S.K., Alendeyev Y.M.
Features of acceleration of agricultural machine-tractor unit with electric traction
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Gurskiy N.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Vaschula A.V.
Characteristics of a linear electric drive on the base of asynchronous motor with various frequency winding power supply
Litvin V.I., Khromov Y.V.
Operational efficiency improvement of turbocharged diesel engines
Krokhta G.M., Khomchenko Y.N., Usatykh N.A.
Development trends of powertrain systems for industrial and forestry tractors
Pozin B.M., Bondar V.N., Dovzhik V.L., Kozlenok A.V., Rozenoer M.G.
Optimal operation conditions of cogeneration plants according to the method of golden section
Kryaklina I.V.
Improving the technical and economic performance of internal combustion engine during the operation in transient regimes
Shakirov R.R., Inshakov A.P., Vakhrameyev D.A.
A linear electric drive for loose feeds vibrating mixer
Mamedov F.A., Denisov V.N., Khromov Y.V.
Modern test benches for dynamic tests of tractor tires
Vlas'evnina E.A., Osipov O.I.
Analysis of the effect of a closed crankcase ventilation system on the fuel efficiency of a compression ignition engine
Andriyanov S.M., Matveyev A.A., Nikishin V.N., Fardeyev L.I.
Ballasting of tractors
Kut'kov G.M., Gribov I.V., Perevozchikova N.V.
Loading conditions of pistons of internal combustion engines and causes of crack formation on combustion chamber edge
Gots A.N., Glinkin S.A.
On the selection of parameters of double-flow hydromechanical transmission for industrial and forestry tractors
Sharipov V.M., Kotiev G.O., Shchetinin Y.S., Vyaznikov M.V., Gaev S.V., Rozenoer M.G.
Impact of the operational factors on lubrication conditions of crankshaft bearings of motor and tractor engines
Makushin A.A., Barylnikova Y.P.
Field effect application for the decrease of machines’ friction losses
Lyubimov D.N., Dolgopolov K.N., Vershinin N.K., Dunayev A.V.
Exploitation effects of using minerals as active agents of lubricants
Dolgopolov K.N., Lyubimov D.N., Pustovoy I.F., Shabanov A.Y., Kolesnikov I.V.
Determination of the optimal composition of mixed fuel based on environmental indicators of diesel engine
Plotnikov S.A., Gnevashev P.V.
Forced oscillations of the «engine - torque converter» system of class 3 caterpillar tractor
Zhidkov G.I.
Influence of engine temperature on the piston rings' parameters
Ivashentsev G.A., Khokhlov A.V.
Device with self-regulation of power for warming-up of engine in the winter season
Shuvalov A.M., Telegin P.A.
Resource-saving technological process of cleaning the lubrication system of tractor engines from pollution
Ostrikov V.V., Vyazinkin V.S., Zabrodskaya A.V.
The methodology for determining of the energy costs for the probabilistic nature of the load of a machine-tractor unit
Dzhabborov N.I., SHkrabak V.S.
Bondar V.N.
Study of influence of layer-by-layer blowdown on the efficiency and environmental friendliness of two-stroke engine
Karasev V.A., Sokolov I.L., Kuklin V.N., Khapskiy A.V., Kulikov R.A.
Research of some design factors’ influence on the parameters of diesel engine operating on mixed biofuel
Markov V.A., Kuleshov A.S., Afanasyev V.N.
Preconditions of using the sectionally-continuous speed regulation in tractors development
Gorodetskiy K.I., Shuvayev D.N., Sheveliov A.S.
Influence of torsional oscillations of internal-combustion engine on the loads in running gear of a tracked grain and fodder combine
Ryabchenko V.N., Yemelyanov A.M., Kandelya M.V.
Design improvement of bearing unit of turbocharger of internal combustion engine
Nikishin V.N., Luscheko V.A.
The development of tractor theory
Kut'kov G.M.
New models of foreign grain harvesters
Goltyapin V.Y.
Ecological, operational and technical parameters of diesel engines by the use of biodiesel fuel
Voytov V.A., Sandomirskiy M.G., Karnaukh N.V., Datsenko N.S.
A modified method of statistical linearization of the engine characteristics
Soloveychik A.A.
Titchenko Prospects for the use of dry carbamide in diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
Kaminskij V.N., Nadarejshvili G.G., Panchishnyj V.I., Zagredinov R.M., Titchenko A.Y.
Probabilistic-statistical method for determining ergonomic tolerances of machine-tractor units with a gas-turbine engine
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I.
A method for calculation of oil supply to the parts of units of agricultural machinery
Malomyzhev O.L., Fedotova N.E., Skutel'nik V.V.
Study of nitrogen oxides content in the cylinder of turbocharged tractor diesel engine operating on natural gas
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.
Mathematical modeling of evaporation of rape oil and ethanol in combustion chamber of diesel engine
Likhanov V.A., Romanov S.A., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N., Suvorov A.N.
Warm-up of tractor systems and units with exhaust gases during the operation in conditions of low temperatures
Orlovsky S.N., Kulikov M.V.
Technology of ruptures neutralization on crankshaft journals
Mashrabov N., Ignatyev G.S.
Calculation algorithm of piston engine indices at the design stage
Gavrilov A.A., Gots A.N.
Tractor gear shift modeling
Gorodetskiy K.I., Melnikov A.Y., Muratova S.K., Alendeyev Y.M.
Choosing a set of indirect diagnostic parameters for the measuring expert system of internal combustion engine
Dobrolyubov I.P.
Widening possibilities of the use of heat generating installations for starting internal combustion engines by low temperatures of environment
Romanov V.A., Rakhimov S.K., Berestnev G.A.
Implementation of a boost strategy for a diesel engine neutralization system based on integrated design techniques
Nadarejshvili G.G.
Initial requirements for magnetic grain disinfection equipment
Pahomov A.I.
Apelinskiy D.V., Gusarov V.V., Fomin V.M.
Efficiency of application of gas turbine engines on tractors for agricultural purposes
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I.
A test bench for the examination of lubrication conditions of crankshaft bearings of internal-combustion engines
Makushin A.A., Barylnikova Y.P.
Commemorating the 110th anniversary of academician V.N. Boltinskiy
Kutkov G.M.
Selection of geometrical characteristics of diesel injectors’ sprayers
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Loboda S.S.
Forecasting of power consumption by dynamic systems of machine and tractor aggregates
Inshakov A.P., Vantyusov Y.A., Shnyakin I.N.
Conditions for the formation of oscillations in the engine - torque converter system of class 3 caterpillar tractor
Zhidkov G.I.
Use of integral indices in the measuring expert system of internal combustion engine
Dobrolyubov I.P.
A tractor with electromechanical transmission
Florentsev S.N., Izosimov D.B., Makarov L.N., Uss I.N., Sharangovich A.I.
The main directions of development of domestic snowmobiles
D'yakov A.S., Novikov V.V., Pozdeev A.V.
Calculation of the parameters of the corrector section of the speed characteristics tractor engine
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Impact of turbocharging on the startability of diesel engines in winter
Krokhta G.M., Khomchenko E.N., Usatykh N.A.
Assessment of environmental friendliness of tractors, machinery and equipment
Trembovelskiy L.G., Griff M.I.
Features of motor and tractor internal combustion engines exploitation in conditions of Siberia and Far East acutely continental climate
Labarov D.B., Dumnov S.N.
Influence of stochastic external loading conditions on the performance of machine and tractor unit
Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G., Mudzhikov B.V.
Electric traction and electric power take-off of agricultural tractor
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Stasilevich A.G., Klyuchnikov A.V., Zhukovskiy A.I.
Secondary utilization of waste heat for heat regimes optimization in aggregates of self-propelled vehicles
Krokhta G.M., Ivannikov A.B., Pronin Y.A.
Calculation of laws of motion for the valves (tappets) of motor and tractor engines
Makushin A.A.
An internal combustion engine with discrete change of power for wheeled and caterpillar tractors
Fomin V.M., Grabovskiy A.A.
An electro-hydrodynamic engine for the environmentally safe transport
Sokovikov V.K., Strokov P.I.
Motorless thermal stand for studying cyclic strength of pistons
Glinkin S.A., Hotz A.N., Ivanchenko A.B.
Analysis of the effectiveness and the possibility of creating an auxiliary braking system for an electronically controlled vehicle of the utility patent No. 153 247
Shihan A.A., Serebryakov V.V.
Analysis of hydrodynamic characteristics of sprays of nozzles of ICE
Altukhov S.V., Shukhanov S.N.
Experimental research of conditions of cylinder oil supply in high-speed four-stroke internal-combustion engine
Putintsev S.V., Ageev A.G.
Analysis of traction power of small-scale mechanization means
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Optimization of energy parameters of tractor gas-turbine engine
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I., Shkrabak R.V., Fedkin D.S.
Zetor tractors from Czech Republic at Agrosalon-2012
Goltyapin V.Y.
Operating efficiency increase of Д-440 constant power engine
Krokhta G.M., Usatykh N.A., Khomchenko Y.N.
Investigation of diesel engine operation on diesel fuel and soybean oil mixtures
Markov V.A., Devyanin S.N., Neverov V.A.
Tractors operating on gas-engine fuel
Goltyapin V.Y.
Ejection system of distributed supply of gaseous fuel into diesel engine
Volodin V.V., Zagorodskikh B.P., Bebenin Y.V.
Internal combustion engines on the basis of crank mechanism with dual kinematic links
Fomin V.M., Grabovskiy A.A.
Evaluation of engine workload by tractor use
Janulevičius A., Juostas A., Pupinis G.
The results of the analysis of the continuous input of additives in the lubricating system of the engine operating on gaseous fuel
Utaev S.A.
Features of the operation of engine oils in a combined lubrication system “engine-gearbox”
Krokhta G.M., Krum V.A., Usatykh N.A., Khomchenko Y.N.
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