Basic psychological mechanisms common for the all forms of all kinds of addictive disorders, including chemical and non-chemical addictions have been analyzed. There were shown personal features, allowing development of addictive process, as well as significance of displaced into unconscious destructive self-object relations, evoking unconscious threat, depression and feeling of guilt. There were given main psychoanalytical conceptions of addiction developing.

About the authors

Cesar Petrovich Коrolenko

Novosibirsky medical university

кафедра психиатрии; ГОУ ВПО «Новосибирский государственный медицинский университет Росздрава»; Novosibirsky medical university

Таtyana Аlexandtovna Shpiks

Novosibirsky medical university

кафедра психиатрии; ГОУ ВПО «Новосибирский государственный медицинский университет Росздрава»; Novosibirsky medical university


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