Acupuncture: theory, efficacy, and practice (Ann. Intern. Med. —2002. —Mar. 5. — Vol. 136(5). —P. 374—383: англ.)
Kaptchuk T.
Annals of the Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University
Donskov N.A.
Genality, mental imbalance and criminality
Vorotynsky B.I.
Chronicle and mixture, Vol. XVI, № 2 (1909)
Baklushinskiy I.D.
Comt val158met genotype affects mu-opioid neurotransmitter responses to a pain stressor (Science. — 2003. —Feb. 21. — 299(5610). — P. 1240—1243: англ.)
Zubieta J., Heitzeg M., Smith Y., Bueller J., Xu K., Xu Y., Коерре R., Stohler C., Goldman D.
Report of the Odessa City Psychiatric Hospital for 1906, compiled by the doctors of the hospital
Board E.
Ways of psychological and psychopharmocological correction of psychoemotional state of women with dishormonal focal diseases of the mammary gland in pre-operation period
Ustimov D.Y.
Report on the activities of the Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University for 1907
Nikolaev V.V.
Letters to the editor 2. Volume XV, № 4 (1909)
Golenishcheva-Kutuzova O.
Letters to the editor 1. Volume XV, № 4 (1909)
Golenishcheva-Kutuzova O.
Chronicle of the Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University. Volume XV, № 3 (1908)
Darkshevich L.O., Pervushin V.P.
Clinical and immunological indications of diffuse connective tissue diseases in patients with multiple sclerosis
Sultanova I.V., Kolikova Y.O., Ishmuhametova D.G., Matveeva T.V., Arleevskaya M.I.
Kazan neurological school: past and present
Ismagilov M.F.
Chronicle and mix
Donskov N.A.
To the question of multiple sclerosis epidemiology on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan
Kondratjeva O.S., Ismagilov M.F., Matveeva T.V., Saitgaleev I.Z.
Role evaluation of autoimmune inflammatory reaction in cerebral ischemia pathogenesis
Zhdanov G.N., Gerasimova M.M.
Pharmacoepidemiologic usage analysis of neuroleptics for treating paranoid schizophrenia in psychiatry hospital
Kuchaeva A.V., Ziganshina L.E., Yakhin K.K., Minnetdinova L.M., Gatin F.F., Mikhailova E.B.
Letter to the editor. Volume XIV, № 1 (1907)
Board E.
Food and headache attacks. A comparison of patients with migraine and tension-type headache (Panminerva Med. — 2002. — Mar. — Vol. 44(1). — P. 27—31: англ.)
Savi L., Rainerо I., Valfre W., Gentile S., Lo Giudice R., Pinessi L.
Chronicle and mix. Volume VII, № 1 (1899)
Vorotynsky B.I.
The development of myxedema in the wounded
Arkhangelskaya E.N.
Chronicle and mixture, Vol. X, № 3 (1902)
Baklushinskiy I.D.
Chronicle of the Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University dated January 28, 1909
Darkshevich L.O., Sholomovich A.S.
Vasily Petrovich Andreev - teacher, doctor, person (on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health of the TASSR)
Mendelevich D.M.
The first steps of psychiatry during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905 Dr. Shumkov. Works of the Society of Kiev Doctors for 1907
Board E.
Mental disorders with voice disorders
Galiullina L.K., Mendelevich D.M.
Letter to the editor from Dr. Klyachkin
Osipov V.
Cerebral insult incidence and death rates in the Republic of Tatarstan
Ismagilov M.F.
Pletnev and Citron. Serodiagnosis of syphilis. (Medical Review No. 2. 1908)
Zhilin I.N.
Ligation of thyroid arteries for vascular goiter, B. Enokhina. Scientific notes of Kazan University. XI-XII. 1907 year
Board E.
A case of sudden death of an epileptic during sleep
Naumov F.A.
Chronicle and mix. Volume V, № 3 (1897)
Ostankov P.A.
M. Laehr. On disturbances of pain and temperature sensation as a result of diseases of the spinal cord - Archive. f. Psychiatry, vol XXVIII, issue. 3
Board E.
Paroxysmal course of Nishimoto-Takeuchi-Kudo disease (my-my disease)
Danilov V.I., Zakirova N.G., Tavluy K.P.
Chronicle and mix. Volume XXIII, № 1-2 (1916)
Baklushinsky I.D.
G. Etienne arbitrary zoniform hemorrhage (Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpätriere № 5, 1907)
Board E.
Journal "Practical Medicine" No. 4, X Pirogovskiy congress
Sholomovich A.S.
Cerebral circulation disorder is the most important medical and social problem. Organization and development prospects of care for patients with cerebral stroke in the Republic of Tatarstan
Ismagilov M.F.
To the question of differentiated therapy of urination disfunctions in multiple sclerosis patients
Kuzmina S.V., Zaslavsky L.G., Kuzmin I.V.
Social and hygienic aspects of a disease incidence and treatment results of patients with primary tumors of the central nervous system in the Republic of Tatarstan
Danilov V.I., Alexejev A.G., Vakhitov S.M.
State of vegetative neurous system and nonspecitic adaptation mechanisms in multiple sclerosis patients
Evdokimova O.V., Starikov A.S., Lapkin M.M., Zhdanov V.A.
Brain function in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Brain. — 2002. — Jan. — Vol. 125 (Pt 1). — P. 4—13: англ.)
Anderson J., Head S., Rae C., Morley J.
"Russian Medical Vesnik". 1898, no. 1
Vorotynskiy B.I.
To the question of the centers of suppression of pupillary reflexes in the medulla oblongata
Chukovsky V.V.
On the issue of suturing peripheral nerves and dorsal roots of the spinal cord
Tsypkin I.I.
Chronicle of the Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University. Volume XV, № 2 (1908)
Darkshevich L.O., Pervushin V.P.
Rodiet A. et F. Cans. Visual auras in epileptics (Archives de Neurologie No. 9 —1907)
Board E.
Gamma-glutamyltransferase and risk of stroke: the eurostroke project (J. Epidemiol Community Health. — 2002. — Feb. — Vol. 56 Suppl 1. —P. 25—29: англ.)
Bots M., Salonen J., Elwood P., Nikitin Y., Freire D., Concalves A., Inzitari D., Sivenius J., Trichopoulou A., Tuomilehto J., Koudstaal P., Grobbee D.
Тhе genetic epidemiology of multiple sclerosis (Philos trans. r. soc. lond. b. Bbiol. sci. - 1999; oct. 29; 354; 1623-1634)
Compston A.
Сh. Vallon et Ar. Marie. Les alienes en Russie 1899
Vorotynskiy B.
Chronicle and mixture. Volume XVII, № 2 (1910)
Donskov N.A.
Evaluation of the role of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of localization of herniated intervertebral discs in lumbar osteochondrosis
Ablyazov O.V., Shokirov E.A., Khudoiberdiev K.T., Khamraev R.B.
Effect of early rehabilitation on restoration of motor functions in acute period of cerebral circulation lesion
Takhavieva F.V., Bogdanov E.I.
Dr. med. N. N. Reformatsky. Charity for the mentally ill in Berlin, Paris and Vienna. St. Petersburg. 1908
Sholomovich A.S.
S. Wladyczko. Troubles mentaux pendant le siege de Port-Arthur, Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpetriere. № 4. Juillet Aout. 1907
Board E.
Psychophysiological research and tasks of neuroprophylaxis
Andrushchakevich A.A., Troshin V.D.
Atypical symptoms in carpal tunnel syndrome — treatment and results (Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr — 2002. — Jan. — Vol. 70(1). —P. 46—51: нем.)
Sakhel J., Ahlhelm F., Schwerdtfeger K., Steudel W., Kelm J., Loew C., Nabhan A.
VII Congress of the Society of Russian Doctors in memory of N.I. Pirogov in Kazan
Obraztsov V.N.
A few words about the article by Dr. Osipov: "Long-term research in the area of the central endings of the X-th pair of cranial nerves"
Klyachkin G.A.
Chronicle and mix. Volume V, № 1 (1898)
Vorotynskiy B.I.
Long-term results of conservative treatment of giant unruptured cerebral aneurysms
Schlosberg P.
Amendments to the article by P. A. Viktorovsky
Board E.
Chronicle and mix. Volume XV, № 4 (1909)
Baklushinsky I.D.
Velocity of Na+/LI+ countertransport in patients with a chronic heart failure and cerebrovascular disease
Bulashova O.V., Oslopov V.N., Matveeva T.V.
Chronicle and mix. Volume XIV, № 1 (1907)
Donskov N.A.
About the Gürtle method
Fanstein B.
Chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrov at the imperial Kazan University. Protocol of the appointment of November 15
Popov N.M.
Chronicle and mix. Volume V, № 2 (1898)
Vorotynskiy B.I.
Energetic and architectural principle of understanding the mechanisms of mental illness
Chudnovsky V.S.
On the speed of the simplest voluntary movements
Rudnev V.I.
Chronicle and mixture, Vol. X, № 2 (1902)
Baklushinskiy I.D.
On the issue of suturing peripheral nerves and dorsal roots of the spinal cord
Tsypkin I.I.
Treasure. Soul suffering. — Kazan. 1909. 122 pages
Board E.
Chronicle of the Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University of February 25, 1909
Darkshevich L.O., Pervushin V.P.
Obesity: psychological and psychopathological aspects
Mendelevich D.M., Nikishova T.V., Grishkina M.N.
The highest approved Russian Society for the Protection of People's Health. Commission on Alcoholism
Board E.
Chronicle of the Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University for 1907-1908
Bekhterev V.M., Ostankov P.A.
Prof. W. Stoltzner. Spasmophilia and the metabolism of calcium-containing substances, (from the University Polyclinic for Children's Diseases in Halle). Neurologisches Centralblatt No. 2-1908
Veselitsky I.A.
A case of hysteria with prolonged spontaneous periods of catalepsy
Donskov N.A.
In the interval between the release of the 1st and 2nd books of the Neurological Vestnik, 3 books of the new monthly magazine appeared in the light of the month: "Contemporary Psychiatry", which, judging by the composition of the closest participants, is the organ of the Moscow privat-docentury.
Sholomovich A.S.
Generation of dopaminergic neurons and pigmented epithelia from primate es cells by stromal cell-derived inducing activity (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. — 2002. Feb. — 99 (1). — P. 1580—1585: англ.)
Kawasaki H., Suemori H., Mizuseki K.
Mitochondrial disfunction in Friedreich disease: biochemical and cytochemical aspects
Ershova M.V., Illarioshkin S.N., Sukhorukov V.S., Klushnikov S.A., Phedorova T.N., Ivanova-Smolenskaya I.A.
On the change in the conduction velocity in the nerve during the development of parabiosis
Polumordvinov D.V.
А retrospective long-term analysis of the epidemiology and features of drug-induced headache (J. Neurol. - 1999; sep. 246; 802-809.)
Evers S., Suhr B., Bauer B., Grotemeyer K., Husstedt I.
Chronicle and mix. Volume VII, № 3 (1899)
Ostankov P.A.
Fürstner. Ueber multiple Sclerose und Paralysis agitans. Archiv f. Psych, 1898. Heft 1
Idelson G.
Friederike Oberdieck. Beitrag zur Kenntniss des Alkoholimus und seiner rationellen Behandlung. —(Arch. f. Psych. Bd. 27. Heft. 2. pg. 579 — 632)
Idelson G.
The chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists at the imperial Kazan University. Protocol of the meeting of the Society on March 30
Popov N.M.
Dynamics of clinical manifestations of myofascial trigger points. In the rehabilitation of patients with ankylosing arthritis with pondylo
Parsanov S.A., Ivanichev G.A.
To the attention of the authors of the journal "Neurological Bulletin"
Board E.
On the question of determining the number of mentally "sick warriors in need of charity"
Vyrubov N.A.
Chronicle of the Society of neuropathologists and livres at the Imperial Kazan University. In a joint meeting on September 10, 1915
Steinberg S.
Medical and economic report on the psychiatric department (with a colony) of the Odessa City Hospital for 1901
Vorotynskiy B.I.
Dr. M. Lannois. Observation of the chest of a hysterical woman. Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpetriere
Tsaregradsky Аннотация A.
Souques et Harvier Secretory neurosis Névrose sécretaire. „Revue neurology“. 1908 № 10
Osokin N.E.
Appeal of the Central Committee for the construction of a monument to the late professor of surgery Ernst von Bergman
Board E.
L. Marchand et Nonet. Epilepsy et Paralysie generale. (Annales Med. Psych. Janv.-Fevr. 1908)
Khudyakov A.I.
Kurt Mendel. To the casuistry of the sacral form of multiple sclerosis. Neurologisches Centralblatt—1908—No. 3
Veselitsky I.A.
Chronicle and mix. Volume XIV, No. 2 (1907)
Board E.
P. M. Krasin. To scholarship G regeneration of peripheral nerves after damage to them. Experimental histological examination. With the attachment of three tables of figures. Diss. 142 pages Kazan, 1907
Sholomovich A.S.
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