There was studied titre of antibodies to the acetylcholine receptor in patients with myasthenia serum at pre-surgery stage. In patients with myasthenia with hyperplasia of thymus gland the average level of antibodiacetylcholine receptor exceeded 4 times the normal values and in patients with thymoma- 8 times. Level of antibodies to AChR did not correlate with the severity of myasthenia and myasthenia, combined with thymoma but tended to increase with the deterioration in specific cases. With a history of the disease more than a year there is a sharp increase in antibody levels in patients' serum, which leads to the progression of the disease.

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Vladimir N Nikishov

Clinical Cancer Centre

Email: nikishov75@mail.ru
Clinical Cancer Centre

Enver I Bogdanov

Каzan state medical university

Email: enver_bogdanov@mail.ru
кафедра неврологии и реабилитации; Казанский государственный медицинский университет; Каzan state medical university

Evgeny I Sigal

Каzan state medical academy

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Каzan state medical academy

Albert M Sigal

Каzan state medical academy

Email: ksma@mi.ru
Каzan state medical academy


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