There were studied and summarized results of theoretical and practical works of domestic and foreign neurology centers and manufacturing firms, producing implanted systems for detection and prophylaxis of epileptiform activity. Special attention was paid to neuroingeneric aspects of building such systems, particularly the systems of joint fields: neurology, system technique, micro-and-nanoelectronics. Conception of development of original neuromodullar system was offered.

About the authors

Маria V Кruchkova

Каzan state technical university, named after А.N.Tupolev

Каzan state technical university, named after А.N.Tupolev

Аlexander А Porunov

Каzan state technical university, named after А.N.Tupolev

Каzan state technical university, named after А.N.Tupolev

Маksum F Ismagilov

Каzan state medical university

кафедра неврологии, нейрохирургии и медицинской генетики; Казанский государственный медицинский университет; Каzan state medical university


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