Complete ileal substitution of the obliterated ureter

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The article presents the experience of successful surgical treatment of a patient with complete ureteral obliteration after transurethral endoscopic pyelolithotripsy in the left renal pelvis with lithoextraction and stenting. Two months later the patient developed stent obstruction and underwent repeat stenting and insertion of a left nephrostomy tube. After another 1.5 months, he was found to have complete obliteration of the left ureter. Ileal substitution of the left ureter was performed with the formation of a pyelo-ileal anastomosis and antireflux ileo-cysto-anastomosis. Contrast-enhanced MRI-urography performed on the 21st day ascertained the complete patency of the anastomosis. The patient was discharged in a satisfactory condition. At a follow-up examination five months after hospital discharge, the patient was in satisfactory condition with no complaints. Renal ultrasound and MRI showed no signs of obstruction of the ileal autograft.

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About the authors

V. P Kolyadko

Nizhnevartovsk District Clinical Hospital

Surgeon, Oncologist

E. N Degovtsov

Omsk State Medical University of Minzdrav of Russia

Dr.Med.Sci., Head of the Department of Hospital Surgery; Head of the Department of Surgery #3

P. V Kolyadko

Nizhnevartovsk District Clinical Hospital


V. G Prokhorov

Nizhnevartovsk District Clinical Hospital

Surgeon, Coloproctologist, Deputy Chief Physician for Clinical Work

A. V Satinov

Nizhnevartovsk District Clinical Hospital



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