Review of the article: Levey, Benjamin. “Züünhar dah Chingiyin ayan ba sarnisan Oyiraduudyg Yilid nutagluulan n”[The Qing Military Campaign to Zungharia and the Resettlement of Scattered Oirats in Ili]. Historia Mongolarum (Journal of History). Vol. X. Ulaanbaatar, 2011, pp. 64–112 (in Mongolian). ISSN 224-1804

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The XVIII century, being a significant watershed in the more than two thousand-year history of nomads, was marked by the financial incorporation of all nomadic ethnopolitical formations of Eurasia into the sedentary agricultural empires.

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Dordzhi G. Kukeev

Kalmyk State University

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Russian Federation, Elista


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