Synthesis of heterogeneous self-organizing models for for plain structures approximation


A solution for a problem of a given heterogeneous structure approximation by an arbitrary dimensional elastic dynamical model in a plane is proposed. The model is developed on the as the potential system with the characteristics of the elastic loop with the connectivity matix and the self-organizing form with the state memory. It is shown that the proposed model is able to fit the given structure as the sub-optimal solution, preserving its form at least close to its initial or desired construction, while the dynamic structure parts interact with same type parts of the given structure only.

About the authors

Sergey A Kolpashchikov

Samara State Technical University

Samara State Technical University

Aleksandr S Ryazanov

Samara State Technical University

Samara State Technical University

Аleksandr А Yudashkin

Samara State Technical University

Samara State Technical University


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