Influence of conditions of sintering of hard alloy WC-Co 10-ОМ on its structure and property


Influence of various modes of sintering of samples from firm alloy WC-Co10 fine grain size on their physical-mechanical properties and structure is investigated. Strong dependence of properties and structure from temperature-time parameters, atmosphere of sintering and structure powder charge is shown. Optimum modes of sintering of samples are found in furnaces of various type and the comparative analysis of their properties is carried out.

About the authors

Dmitriy A Zaharov

Open Societies «Volgaburmash»

аспирант; ОАО «Волгабурмаш»; Open Societies «Volgaburmash»

Alexander P Amosov

Samara State Technical University

д.ф.-м.н., профессор; Самарский государственный технический университет; Samara State Technical University


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