System analysis and modeling of environmental efficiency of regional power grid: the case of Samara region

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Study of power grid activity has been mainstreamed not only in terms of productive, but also in environmental aspect, reflecting the impact of power grid on environmental. Analysis of infrastructural model of Samara region industrial system showed, that enterprises of power grid have multiple connections with industrial enterprises of Samara city and Samara region. This fact highlights the need for exploration of power grid activity in conjunction with this manufacturing and economic systems. A control algorithm for the activity of a regional power grid system of Samara in conjunction with region and city manufacturing and economic systems was developed. The mathematical modelling of power grid activity was carried out with the help of Cobb-Douglas production functions. Double loops simulation control system which allows to explore ways of enhancing the economic and environment efficiency of regional power grid has been built. Proposed scenarios of power grid functioning and their environmental impact were analyzed. Recommendations on the management of activity of object could be applied on industry branch (region power grid) level as well as on industry region level (regional industrial complex).

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D. V. Ivanova

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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