Statement of problem from computational fluid dynamics of electromagnetic bearing cooling of a gas compressor unit

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Dynamic of electromagnetic bearing incorporation in the capacity of a supercharger for the gas compressor unit (GCU) from PAO “Gazprom” demonstrates incremental increase beginning from 2005. Wherefore problem of electromagnetic bearing (EMB) performance build-up (reliability growth, power reduction, mass reduction, dimensional specifications reduction etc.) become progressively important. As a consequence, thermal effect problem along of specific electromagnetic load increase become on the front burner. Magnetic, thermal and fluid dynamic numerical simulation by finite-element method by custom-made software allows computational accuracy to advance as consequence reliability GCU. The results of geometry model EMB analysis for the gas compressor unit presented in this paper. It is educed singularity of heat carrier flow in cooling system of electromagnetic bearing. Near-wall modeling approach for turbulence flow and the most relevant turbulent model was analyzed. The turbulence mode and near-wall approach was selected according to operational features of electromagnetic bearing, an introduction was given for meshing and boundary conditions were determined.

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Yu. N. Ivannikov

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

Yu. A. Makarichev

Samara State Technical University

Russian Federation


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