Scheme design and calculation features of compact windings in ac machines

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The paper presents the results of scheme design and overhang deviation calculation for original mass-reduced compact windings of induction and synchronous machines. Electrical equipment of autonomous energy units is among the proposed implementations of these innovative machines. Compact winding’s turns consist of rectangular conductors with periodically irregular cross-section. This solution allows to decrease material intensity and volume of electrical machines due to reduced overhang deviation. Design methodic of three different types of schemes of the stator compact winding - multipolar induction generator winding are given as an example. Calculation features of overhang deviation and copper mass for compact windings are described. Calculation results can estimate the difference between compact and traditional windings.

About the authors

P. Yu. Grachev

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

A. S. Tabachinskiy

Samara State Technical University

Russian Federation


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