Simulation of the water flow system of a steam boiler


The paper discusses the experience of developing a dynamic model of a steam boiler water path for creating a computer simulator. The simulator is used to train and evaluate the operating personnel actions of the boiler house when they performs basic technological operations during the working of the boiler. The challenge is to simulate the technological parameters of the plant in all operational modes: from filling the drum with feed water and starting, to working with a nominal load. The model describes the changes in temperature and pressure in the boiler drum, depending on the flow of feed water, continuous and periodic purging, flow of direct steam and gas flow. The model takes into account the heating of the feed water in the furnace walls and the water economizer, as well as the temperature of the feed water entering to the water economizer. The conservation of the energy balance in the model is realized by carrying out all intermediate calculations with respect to the enthalpy of the heat-carrying agent. This implementation allows to correctly take into account the change in the physical parameters of water during heating and pressure growing, ensures the linear behavior of the model, even taking into account the transit of the heat-carrying agent from one state of aggregation to another. The model takes into account the basic technological operations performed by the operating personnel of the boiler house during the boiler starting process. The model identified according to data of the automated control system of a steam boiler obtained during boiler starting. The paper presents experimental data, block diagrams of the main systems of the model, the computer simulation results. It justifies the assumptions that guided the authors in developing the model and describes the limitations that have arisen during its implementation.

About the authors

I. A. Danilushkin

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

S. A. Kolpashchikov

Samara State Technical University

Russian Federation


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