Numerical mathematical model demagnetization of rails in rail welding production

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A three-dimensional numerical mathematical model is considered for studying the effectiveness of rail lash demagnetization in rail welding production. The main assumptions for solving the electromagnetic problem of the «inductor-rail» system are presented, the boundary conditions are determined, the current loads of the sources of the electromagnetic field are specified, and the boundary conditions of the problem are determined. The calculation of the electromagnetic field of the model «inductor-rail» is performed in the ANSYS software package. The numerical mathematical model allows to investigate the process of rail demagnetization when exposed to a lower frequency electromagnetic field. The effective parameters and characteristics of the rail demagnetization unit are determined to achieve the greatest effect of rail demagnetization.

About the authors

A. R. Khristinich

Krasnoyarsk Institute of Railway Transport branch of the Irkutsk State University of Communications

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

R. M. Khristinich

Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Russian Federation

E. V. Khristinich

Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Russian Federation




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