Automatic correction of radial displacement of the micro electric drive rotor by the signal-adaptive inverse model method

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The paper is devoted to the development and investigation of the automatic correction system of rotor radial position updating of the micro electric drive, used in high-precision processing systems. A new approach of solving the problem of stabilizing the rotating element of motor, based on active current updating of the spatial position is offered. Automatic stabilization is achieved by organizing an electromagnetic effect of reversible nature in the electromechanical system. It is proposed to use the paired groups of electromagnets operating on the control object. The development of the automatic correction algorithm is done by the signal-adaptive inverse model method. The approach is able to provide the desired quality indicators for the control process of a nonlinear object, and also to achieve insensitivity of the correction system for external and internal signal and parametric disturbances. The paper describes the way of constructive implementation of this method, structural synthesis methodology of the control law. Structural and functional diagrams of the automatic correction system for radial deviations are presented in the article, as well as the results of simulation, confirming potential of the conducted research.

About the authors

I. S. Dymov

Novosibirsk State Technical Univercity

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

D. A. Kotin

Novosibirsk State Technical Univercity


Russian Federation

Y. V. Pankracz

Novosibirsk State Technical Univercity


Russian Federation




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