On a q-analogue of the Sturm–Liouville operator with discontinuity conditions

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n this paper, a q-analogue of the Sturm–Liouville problem with discontinuity condition on a finite interval is studied. It is proved that the q-Sturm–Liouville problem with discontinuity conditions is self-adjoint in Lq2(0,π). The completeness theorem and the sampling theorem are proved.

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Döne Karahan

Harran Üniversitesi

Author for correspondence.
Email: dkarahan@harran.edu.tr
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6644-5596
Scopus Author ID: 57136741400
ResearcherId: ABF-5888-2020

Mathematics Department, Science and Letter Faculty

Sanliurfa, Turkey


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