A representation in terms of hypergeometric functions for the temperature field in a semi-infinite body that is heated by a motionless laser beam

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We have considered an analytical expression for the temperature field of a semi-infinite body that is heated by a circular heat source located at the free surface. Unsteady temperature field is expressed in terms of the Appell and the Srivastava hypergeometric functions. We have studied some special areas in heated body where a non-stationary temperature field is expressed in terms of the Kampé de Fériet function. The obtained expressions have allowed to carry out the separation of the stationary and non-stationary parts of temperature field from each other. Calculations of the steady temperature fields generated by circular or Gaussian sources have been accomplished. Significant quantitative differences in these fields were not found.

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Victor V Manako

Samara State Technical University

Email: viktor.manako@mail.ru
(к.ф.-м.н., доц.), доцент, каф. общей физики и физики нефтегазового производства; Самарский государственный технический университет; Samara State Technical University


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