Forced oscillation of piezoceramic cylinder with circumpolarization of material

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The nonstationary elasto-electrodynamics problem for an anisotropic piezoceramic cylinder of finite size with circumpolarization of material is considered for the case when the tangential stresses and the electric potential influence on the radial outside of the cylinder as the arbitrary functions of axial coordinate and time. The new closed solution is obtained by the method of expansion in vector eigenfunctions in the form of structural algorithm of finite transformations. The constructed algorithm allows to determine the eigenfrequencies, stress-strain state of the element, and all the components of the induced electric field.

About the authors

Dmitriy A Shlyakhin

Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

(к.т.н., доц.), доцент, каф. сопротивления материалов и строительной механики; Самарский государственный архитектурно-строительный университет; Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering


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