Time dynamics of electron wave functions of 3d quantum ring in alternating magnetic field


Three-dimensional axially symmetrical exactly soluble model of quantum ring has been considered in the constant magnetic field. Potential, which restricts particle movement in the system in two directions, has been used. By applying method of splitting into physical processes, an electron wave functions and a quasi-stationary energy levels values have been obtained. Also a qualitative description of wave packet movement has been given for the case of quantum ring threading by alternating magnetic field.

About the authors

Alexander A Bryzgalov

National Research Nuclear University MPEIObninsk State Technical University

Email: sandro185@mail.ru
аспирант, каф. общей и специальной физики; Обнинский институт атомной энергетики - филиал НИЯУ МИФИ(Национальный исследовательский ядерный университет МИФИ ); National Research Nuclear University MPEIObninsk State Technical University

Fedor I Karmanov

National Research Nuclear University MPEIObninsk State Technical University

Email: fikarm@yandex.ru
; National Research Nuclear University MPEIObninsk State Technical University


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