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Purpose of the work was to reveal the prevalence rate of anxiety and depressive disorders in gastroentorogical patients in outpatient practice. Materials and methods of the study: we have conducted the monitoring of 60 gastroentorogical patients, who were observed in GKB no 1 clinic. There were 40 women and 20 men among the patients under observation, a middle age of whom was equl to 48.5±1, 2 years. To reveal depression we used CES - D inventory. Anxiety disorders were determined with the help of Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI), ICD-10, modules E, F, H (panic disorder (PD)), social phobia (SP), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Results: on the whole anxiety and depressive disorders were revealed in 39 patients (65.0%). Anxiety disorders were found in almost a half of patients (48.3%). GAD were encountered less frequent (36.6%), SP and PD were more rarely (35% and 25% respectively). More than one third of patients (38.3%) had depression. Anxiety and depressive disorders were encountered relevantly more frequent in patients with intestines pathology - in 65% of cases. More rarely they were encountered in the setting of diseases of pancreas, liver, stomach, and dodecadactylon in 46.6%, 40%, 51.6% cases correspondingly. Patients with acid-dependent diseases had prevailed anxiety. Depression was more characteristic for the patients with intestines pathology. To correct the revealed anxiety and depressive disorders in the patients inder study we used prosulpin (sulpiride), which has antidepressive, anxiolytic and activating (anastesic) action. In addition the drug has favorable somatotropic effects like gastric secretion reduction, reduction f pepsin and hydrochloric acid content in gastric acid, intensification of blood circulation and motion of the gastro-intestinal tract, antemetic effect. Prosulpin at dose 50 mg 3 timed a day was included into the complex therapy of gastroenterological diseases for the term of 3-4 weeks. As the result, 28 of 29 patients manifested a significant improvement of anxiety and depression rates, combined with the improvement of clinical symptoms of the principal disease. Conclusions: gastroenterological outpatients have more frequent anxiety and depressive disorders in comparison with general population. Prosulpin drug is the most prospective drug for the correction of anxiety and depressive disorders in outpatient practice from the point of efficacy and pharmaceutical safety.

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D. I Trukhan

Omsk State Medical University



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