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Rhinitis of different etiology is a timely problem of contemporary otolaryngology.Selective α2-adrenomimetics is one of the drug groups widely used in pharmacotherapy of these diseases. In large part these drugs belong to OTC-drugs, which makes the detailed discussion of pharmaceutic consulting issues very timely. Diversity of these drugs is a circumstance of no small importance, which creates some problems in formation of a rational range in pharmacy organizations. Considering all mentioned above, the marketing analysis of a market for further development of pharmaceuticconsulting algorithm, as well as methodic approaches to the formation of a rational range in pharmacy organizations is very timely. The purpose of the study: the analysis of the Russian market of selective α2-adrenomimetic medicinal drugs, applied in therapy of rhinitis of different etiology for detailed consideration of pharmaceuticconsultation issues and formation of a rational range. Materials and methods. Duringthe studies we carried out a content analysis base on the data from the State Register of Medicinal Drugs, and Register of Medicinal Drugs as of November 1, 2016. Results and discussion. As the result of the analysis we have established that Xylomethazoline was the leader of the Russian pharmaceutical market by the number of registered tradenames. The bigger part of the market is occupied by mono-preparations; nasal spraysand nasal drops are dominant. The Russian market is represented mainly by the Russiaproduced drugs. Naphthyzin, Nazivin, and Otrivin are the leaders by the number of information requests in RMD 2016 system. Conclusion. Followed by the results of thestudies we have obtained the date which can be used while developing the principlesand algorithm of pharmaceutical consulting, as well as for formation of rationalrange of selective α2-adrenomimetic medicinal drugs, applied for therapy of rhinitis ofdifferent etiology.

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Pharmacy & Pharmacology V. 5 № 1, 2017Фармация и фармакология Т. 5 № 1, 2017

About the authors

L. V. Ganicheva

Volgograd State Medical University


A. I. Lyakhov

Volgograd State Medical University



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Copyright (c) 2017 Ganicheva L.V., Lyakhov A.I.

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