Features of the Application of Certain Other Measures of Procedural Coercion against a Minor

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In the system of Russian legislation, the issue of the application of measures of criminal procedural coercion to participants in criminal proceedings has been extremely relevant and debatable for many decades. Most measures of procedural coercion can be applied not only to adults but also to minors since they are often involved as various participants in criminal proceedings the same time, the issues of electing and applying to minors in particular other measures of procedural coercion, unlike adult participants in the process, are poorly worked out in the legislation, have shortcomings, and therefore require further study and improvement. The article discusses some issues of applying other measures of procedural coercion to minor participants in court proceedings, such as the obligation to appear, drive, and seizure of property. The author analyzes the features of such an application and also gives examples from investigative and judicial practice.

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About the authors

Irina G. Savitskaya

Voronezh Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia

Author for correspondence.
Email: arisha_s@list.ru
SPIN-code: 6953-8576

Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor

Russian Federation, Voronezh


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