The Concept, System, and Types of Currency Crimes

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The national monetary system is an essential component of the state because of its close relationship and interdependence with the national security and socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation. With the increase of dispositive principles and the complication of public relations, this security and development are constantly changing, influenced by the growing number of their agents, the formation of new specializations, the formation of technologically mediated clusters of interaction between them, the introduction of digital financial instruments, etc. On the one hand, for strategic purposes — the grounds for ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation — not enough attention is paid to protecting the national monetary system from criminal operations. On the other hand, in their interrelation, protection from external and internal threats, preserving macroeconomic stability, ensuring the stability of the ruble, reducing the withdrawal of assets abroad, and countering illegal financial transactions cannot be achieved without paying due attention to the conceptual foundations of criminal law protection of the national monetary system. In order to implement regulations of a strategic nature and counter these threats, the legislation of the Russian Federation provides for a system of legal norms about currency crimes, whose concepts, systems, and types are analyzed in this article.

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Denis A. Pechegin

The Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6499-9966
SPIN-code: 1020-5326
Scopus Author ID: 57204679118
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Candidate of Legal Sciences, Senior Researcher

Russian Federation, Moscow


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