Law Enforcement Activities to Combat Corruption in Corporations: Statistical Data and the Complexity of Law Enforcement

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In the National Anti-Corruption Plan for 2021–2024, one of the main tasks is “to improve anti-corruption measures in the field of business, including those aimed at increasing the efficiency of interaction between government bodies and the business community on anti-corruption issues.” The presented article reveals the main problematic issues in the activities of law enforcement agencies in the field of combating corruption in the economic sector. The author presented statistics and law enforcement practices. Based on the study, the most common violations of anti-corruption laws in corporations were identified. The article emphasizes the need to develop cooperation between law enforcement agencies and organizations in the field of combating corporate corruption, and also identifies the main forms of this activity.

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About the authors

Marina A. Molchanova

Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.

junior research fellow

Russian Federation, Moscow


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