Metastatic breast cancer to kidney tumor: case report

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Aim of the study is to demonstrate a unique case report: synchronous malignant tumors of the breast and kidney with tumor to tumor metastasis.

Materials and methods. The analysis of medical history and the pathology study of surgical material using histological and immunohistochemical methods was carried out.

Results. Clinical observation of metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer in a synchronous renal cell carcinoma of the kidney in a 59-year-old woman has been described. Tumor to tumor metastases are diagnosed by a remote kidney with a neoplasm, hematuria, anemia, and thrombocytopenic syndrome manifested in the clinic.

Conclusions. Lifetime diagnosis of primary multiple tumors and metastatic lesions, including tumor to tumor metastasis, is quite difficult and requires careful clinical and pathology analysis to develop adequate tactics of surgical and conservative treatment.

Elena V. Ponomaryeva

City Clinical Oncology Center

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, Chief of Pathology Department

Oleg G. Polushin

City Clinical Oncology Center

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0366-3662

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, PhD, Pathology Department

Demyan P. Kovtun

City Clinical Oncology Center

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-5526-1385

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, Pathology Department

Aleksandr P. Karlov

City Clinical Oncology Center


Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, 5th Oncourology Department

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1. Fig. 1. Metastasis of breast cancer (arrows) in renal clear cell carcinoma (H&E staining, original magnification: ×200) View (338KB) Indexing metadata
2. Fig. 2. Positive membrane reaction to CD10 in a kidney tumor: asterisks indicate uncolored chromogen clusters of metastatic elements (Immunohistochemistry, original magnification: ×400) View (260KB) Indexing metadata
3. Fig. 3. Positive reaction to cytokeratin 7 in a cancer embolus (Э) in a kidney tumor (Immunohistochemistry, original magnification: ×400) View (224KB) Indexing metadata
4. Fig. 4. Breast tumor: High-grade carcinoma of non-specific type (H&E staining, original magnification: ×200) View (197KB) Indexing metadata


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