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The journal “Meditsinskiy Akademicheskiy Zhurnal” published since 2001 is an official journal of the Northwest Branch of the Russian Academy Sciences. Its initiator and Editor-in-Chief in 2001-2009 was Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Boris Ivanovich Tkachenko whose contribution to the development of the journal is invaluable. The first Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal was Academician of RAMS V.A. Nagornev, and its Executive Secretary was Corresponding Member of RAMS N.S. Sapronov.

In September 2009, the position of Editor-in-Chief was taken by Corresponding Member of RAMS I.P. Dudanov, of Deputy Editor-in Chief, by Corresponding Member of RAMS N.S. Sapronov, and of Executive Secretary, by Prof. P.D. Shabanov.

The high publication level and wide appreciation by specialists in the course of formation and development of the journal were ensured by outstanding contributors, including Academicians E.K. Ailamazyan, N.A. Belyakov, Yu.D. Ignatov, Yu.V. Lobzin, V.I. Mazurov, N.A. Maystrenko, and A.A. Totolyan, and Corresponding Members of RAS I.A. Yeriukhin, S.A. Ketlinskiy, M.M. Odinak, Ye.A. Selivanov, and S.A. Simbirtsev.

Since 2010 up to the present time, Editor-in-Chief of the journal is Academician G.A. Sofronov. Since 2012, its Deputy Editor-in-Chief is Academician N.A. Belyakov, and its Executive Secretary is A.B. Dmitriyev PhD. The Editorial and Advisory Boards of the journal include prominent scientists representing the Northwest of Russia and distinguished scientific schools of Saint Petersburg. 

Since 2012, the journal is published by the publishing house Baltiyskiy Meditsinskiy Obrazovatelnyi Tsentr (Baltic Medical Educational Center).


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Vol 19, No 2 (2019)

The role of cell proliferation in atherogenesis and in the destabilization of atherosclerotic plaque in human
Pigarevsky P.V., Yakovleva O.G., Maltseva S.V., Guseva V.A.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):7-12
Modern conceptions about the pathogenesis of tumor-related epilepsy
Tolstykh N.V., Gurchin A.F., Koroleva N.Y., Stolyarov I.D.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):13-25
Role of pancreatic amyloidosis in pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Gudkova A.Y., Antimonova O.I., Shavlovsky M.M.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):27-36
Basic studies
The specific activity of proteins involved in iron metabolism depends on compensation of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Voynova I.V., Kostevich V.A., Elizarova A.Y., Karpenko M.N., Sokolov A.V.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):37-42
The effect of military-training experience on psychophysiological and cardiovascular characteristics of cognitive functions
Pavlov K.I., Petrenko M.I., Syrtsev A.V., Archimuk A.N., Mikheeva E.A., Nikolaeva S.V., Andieva N.M., Mukhin V.N., Sysoev V.N.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):43-52
Bupropion effect depends on rats’ coping style
Zhukov D.A., Nemez V.V., Vinogradova E.P.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):53-56
The influence of acizol into effects of picrotoxin, injected in rat’s neostriatum
Yakimovskii А.F.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):57-62
Novel technologies
Celestine blue B as a sensor for hypochlorous acid and HOCL-modified proteins registration
Lutsenko V.E., Grigorieva D.V., Gorudko I.V., Cherenkevich S.N., Gorbunov N.N., Kostevich V.A., Panasenko O.M., Sokolov A.V.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):63-71
Clinical research
Features of atherosclerotic lesions of the coronary and peripheral arteries among patients with various forms of ischemic heart disease
Prudnikov A.R.
Medical academic journal. 2019;19(2):73-80

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