Laboratory and instrumental study of knee joints in patients with early gonarthrosis: search for relationship

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Aim was to identify features of subchondral bone remodeling and synovitis severity in patients with early knee osteoarthritis using laboratory and instrumental methods.

Materials and methods. The study covered 60 patients with I-II radiological stages (by J. Kellgren and J. Lawrence, 1952) of gonarthrosis (according to R.D. Altman, 1991). Complex of clinical (history, complaints, palpation of joints, pain assessment by Visual Analogue Scale [VAS]), laboratory (interleukin-6, osteocalcin, Beta-Cross Laps, C-reactive protein [CRP] and others) and instrumental (X-ray, ultrasonography of knee joints) examinations of patients was carried out with subsequent statistical data processing.

Results. In patients with stage II gonarthrosis, Beta-Cross Laps, CRP levels, osteophyte size were significantly higher, and articular cartilage thickness was lower in comparison with stage I group. Correlations were found between: pain intensity according to VAS and volume of upper torsion of knee joint; interleukin-6 and osteophyte size, volume of upper torsion, Beta-Cross Laps; level of Beta-Cross Laps and osteocalcin, osteophyte size; and some other relationships.

Conclusion. In patients with I-II radiological stages of gonarthrosis, remodeling of subchondral bone is observed and accompanied by tissue turnover changes that it is could be used in targeted therapy. Serum Beta-Cross Laps is important marker for early progression of gonarthrosis.

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About the authors

V. I. Klementeva

Orenburg State Medical University


Russian Federation, Orenburg, Russia

Assistant of The Department of Internal Diseases

T. V. Chernisheva

Orenburg State Medical University

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9645-5816
Scopus Author ID: 14057615900

Russian Federation, Orenburg, Russia

Doctor of Medical Science, the Head of Department of Internal Diseases

K. V. Korochina

Orenburg State Medical University (OrSMU)

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-2110-1428
Scopus Author ID: 57041375800

Russian Federation, Orenburg, Russia

MD PhD, assistant of The Department of Internal Diseases

I. E. Korochina

Orenburg State Medical University

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9956-4508
Scopus Author ID: 14058234100

Russian Federation, Orenburg, Russia

MD PhD, professor’s assistant of The Department of Polyclinical Therapy


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