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The aim of the article. The article is devoted to investigation of zinc donator acyzol influence to spontaneous or conditioned reflex locomotor activity of the rats. Materials and methods of research. The study was performed on adult male Wistar rats. Acyzol in volume of 0.1 ml was injected intraperitoneal (24 мg/kg) twice with the time gap of three days. Parameters of spontaneous locomotor activity were evaluated in “open field”, and values of conditioned reflex behavior of avoidance were evaluated in “shuttle box”. Results. Spontaneous locomotor activity of rats (especially the number of research rearing iterations) has lowered after the first injection under the influence of acyzol soon. The realization of avoidance conditioned reflexes was worsened after the second injection of acyzol. Conclusion. There is reason to propose, that acyzol, increasing the zinc content in the body, is able to lower the locomotor activity of rats; and it has the indirect influence on the avoidance conditioned reflex behavior. It should be considered when application of acyzol as a medical, protective or tonic drug.

A F Yakimovskii

FSBEI HE “Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University”; FSBSI “Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Science”

K V Zanin

FSBEI HE “Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University”

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