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The purpose is development of the strategy of the remedial treatment of anemia of pregnant women during the combined application of contemporary methods of the equipment operating physiotherapy and the natural medical physical factors that are characteristic for the recreation area of the Sochi health resort. Materials and methods: 247 women have been examined, from them 161 patients belonged to the main group. In the main group the examination of the rehabilitation efficiency of the complex application of the thalassotherapy has been performed, as well as the medical gymnastics, water consumption schedule of consumption of the medicinal mineral water «Lazarevskaya tselebnaya (curative)», normobaric hypoxic therapy, transcranial electrical stimulation, in conjunction with low-dose medicamentous therapy and methods of endoecological rehabilitation proposed by Levin and Bykov. Results: the complex method of the ecological rehabilitation of pregnant women suffering with the anemic syndrome of mild and medium intensity has been developed and approved. The application of methods secured the more favourable dynamics of values of the psychovegetative status that has been confirmed with the increase of the number of pregnant women who has the stable psychoemotional condition and light forms of the astheno-neurotic syndrome. The combination of courses of cranial electrotherapy stimulation and normobaric hypoxic therapy assured the statistically trustworthy positive dynamics of hematologic values that was confirmed through the increase of the level of erythrocytes at the light and middle degrees of the iron deficiency anemia. Opinion: the combined application of the normobaric hypoxic therapy and the cranial electrotherapy stimulation in conjunction with the medical gymnastics, thalassotherapy, rational and functional food consumption, methods of endoecological rehabilitation, water consumption schedule of consumption of the natural mineral water «Lazarevskaya tselebnaya (curative)» increases the efficiency of rehabilitation of pregnant women suffering with iron deficiency anemia under conditions of the sanatorium-resort therapy.

M N Avdeev

Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University

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