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The aim was to clarify the phenomenology of electrophysiological pattern of blink reflex. Blink reflex was recorded by electromyography "Neuro-MEP" firm "Neurosoft": the standard procedure was stimulated by the first branch of the trigeminal nerve electrical pulse duration of 100 microseconds amperage of 30-80 mA. The functional test with opening and closing of eyes was used during registration. The slow drift of contours during the registration blink reflex represents one side of the bioactivity of the circular muscles of the eye. The variability of the amplitude of the long-wavelength component is a functional viability suprasegmental modulation systems, extrapyramidal first. It is advisable to study the variability of the long-wavelength component’s characteristics in cases of the functional activity’s disorganization of the afferent, vegetative and extrapyramidal cerebral systems, and the muscular receptor apparatus.

R A Mavlyutova

Kazan State Medical University

R A Yakupov

Kazan State Medical Academy

L Z Rashitov

Kazan State Medical University

S V Makletsov

Kazan Volga Federal University

A V Zakharov

Kazan State Medical University

F A Hazipova

Kazan State Medical University

M G Baryshkin

Kazan Volga Federal University

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