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Dynamics of corticosterone concentration and redistribution of leukocytes in the blood of rats under stressful impact and administration of the antimicrobial peptide defensin RatNP-3 have been studied. The experimental model of stress - swimming in cold (2-4° C) water in 2 min. Plasma corticosterone levels were evaluated by IFA kit for corticosterone. The number of leukocytes was counted in Goryaev chamber and a manual WBC differential was performed using blood smears. It have been shown that administration of defensin RatNP-3 immediately before stressful impact have normalized stress-induced changes in the number of neutrophils in the blood, and reduces stress-induced increase of corticosterone concentration in the blood of rats. The results of this study results suggest that defensin can act as an adaptogen during experimental stress in rats.

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About the authors

I A Yankelevich

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the North-West Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences


G M Aleshina

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the North-West Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences


V N Kokryakov

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the North-West Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences



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