Medications and bruises: past, present, and future

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The literature review shows that modern standards of treatment of diseases, as well as forms of statistical reporting of medical institutions do not include bruising as an independent disease and/or complication of drug therapy. Ancient and modern textbooks and reference books on drugs do not contain indications of the presence of drugs that cause bruising and/or vice versa, discoloring the skin in the area of bruises. Official medicine does not offer medications for urgent skin discoloration in the area of bruises. However, bruises have been known for a long time, and people have been fighting them for a long time, but without much success. It is shown that bruises are blood-stained areas of the skin that often occur when hitting hard objects in everyday life, injuries and wounds, as well as when injecting drugs and using drugs that thin the blood. Usually bruises disappear on their own after 5 to 8 days. The true bruising is most likely to occur when bites of snakes such as Gyurza and Viper, when injecting drugs such as heparin and its substitutes, as well as when injecting donor blood and when through-piercing veins with injection needles. Throughout the history of mankind, these facts have not been used sufficiently to analyze the causes of bruising, the possibilities of their diagnosis, prevention and elimination. This was done at the beginning of the 21st century in Russia. At the same time, the biological and clinical essence of the bruises was revealed. This scientific discovery made it possible to explain the absence of bruises in the list of diseases, offer a clinical classification of bruises, and discover drugs that can immediately discolor the skin in the area of bruises. This group of drugs has received names such as “bruising bleachers”, “oxygen-alkaline bleachers”, “oxygen-alkaline bleach cleaners”, “blood bleachers” and “bleaching agents” over the years. Their main ingredients are water, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydrocarbonate.

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Alexander L. Urakov

Izhevsk State Medical Academy; Udmurt Federal Research Center of the Ural branch of RAS

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Izhevsk

MD, Professor, Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology; Senior Researcher of the Department of Modeling and Synthesis of Technological Processes


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