Perspectives of D1 dopamine antagonists using in treatment of nervous and psychic disorders with (+)-SCH-23390 as an example


The effect of dopamine (DA), its agonists and antagonists on the amplitude of GABA-activated currents of isolated multipolar spinal cord neurons (both motoneurons and interneurons) of larva of the lamprey Lampetra planeri by means of patch-clamp method in the whole cell configuration was studied. (+)-SCH-23390, a D1-DA receptors antagonist was shown to block dopamine effects on GABA-activated currents by 63.0 ± 4.7 % and by 77.1 ± 2.0 %. Effects of (-)quinpirol, a D2-DA receptors agonist, on GABA-activated currents were blocked by means of (+)-SCH-23390 by 78.8 ± 0.4 % and by 85.0 ± 5.7 %. Because of chemoactivated currents are in full accordance with a gradual scale, the results on blocking D1-DA receptors by (+)-SCH-23390 are ideal ones and that is the possible basis to further clinical aprobation of (+)-SCH-23390 for treatment of epilepsy, neurotic reactions and depression.

About the authors

Anna Alexandrovna Bukinich

Institute of Experimental Medicine NWB RAMS

PhD, Researcher, Dept. of Neuropharmacology


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