Possible mechanisms of action forantihypoxants πQ1968


In experiments on rats (in the tests of open field and elevated plus maze) and mice (test of hexenal-induced sleep) was showed that a new derivative of ascorbic acid πQ-1968 100 mg/kg had psychosedative action. In acute hypoxia the compound reduced the emotional anxiety of animals, stimulated the orienting-investigative activity, showed the stress-protective effect. Therefore, these effects of the compound on the functional state of the CNS in normoxia and hypoxia had a definite meaning in its antihypoxic effect.

Vasiliy Yegorovich Novikov

Smolensk State Medical Academy

Email: nau@sgma.info
PhD (Physiology), Doctor of Med. Sci., Professor, Head dep. of pharmacology

Yekaterina Olegovna Markova

Smolensk State Medical Academy

Email: smeshik-kate@mail.ru
Senior Lecturer dep. of general and medical chemistry, Postgraduate Fellow dep. of pharmacology

Edgar Andreyevich Parfenov

Blokhin Centre, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Email: phcao@yandex.ru
Doctor of Chem. Sci., Leading Researcher

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