Vol 24, No 1 (2020)


Syndrome of red eye

Korelina V.E.


In a lecture for general practitioners, a characteristic of diseases which are included in the red eye syndrome. The division of the red eye syndrome into two subgroups is proposed: without a decrease in visual functions and with a decrease in vision. The main classification schemes of these diseases are described. The principles of differential diagnosis are stated methods of treatment and emergency care of the main diseases that can be manifested by redness of the eye are reflected.

Russian Family Doctor. 2020;24(1):5-13
pages 5-13 views

Telephone consultations (lecture for practitioners)

Logunov K.V.


The lecture for clinicians discusses over-the-phone medical consulting basic features and analyzes pros and cons of the technology. It formulates main rules for remote communication with consumers of medical services, minimizing the risks for both interacting parties.

Russian Family Doctor. 2020;24(1):15-22
pages 15-22 views


The main causes of cognitive impairment

Gorina N.A., Grigoreva M.M., Suglobova E.R., Khoroshev A.D., Larchenko T.S., Murathanova G.A.


Cognitive impairment is a common condition among elderly patients in medical practice. Currently, there is a tendency in the world to increasing of rate cognitive impairment of various etiologies, which allows us to regard this pathology as an urgent social and medical problem. Different types of cognitive impairment in the elderly are associated with poor quality of life, increased morbidity and early mortality. This article presents an overview based on publication data of the etiology and risk factors of cognitive impairments.

Russian Family Doctor. 2020;24(1):23-28
pages 23-28 views

Analysis on the model of the combination of medical and health care from the perspective of aging

Chunyan Y., Hanwen Z., Mei Y.


China has entered the aging society, how to achieve healthy and active aging is China’s current urgent social problems to solve. Combined with China’s national conditions, the combination of medical and health care pension mode emerged. But in practice, there are also a variety of problems. This paper reviews the combination of medical and health care, in order to provide a new solution to the existing problems.

Russian Family Doctor. 2020;24(1):29-34
pages 29-34 views

Modern methods for the diagnosis of cognitive impairment

Kurbanova M.M., Galayeva A.A., Stefanovskaya Y.V., Suvorkina A.A., Alikhanov N.M.


The review presents modern views on the problem of cognitive impairment, on the need to improve diagnostics at the pre-dementive stage of development of these disorders. The most widely used neuropsychological tests and structural neuroimaging methods for assessing cognitive functions are considered.

Russian Family Doctor. 2020;24(1):35-44
pages 35-44 views

Physical activity as a factor influencing on cognitive disorders

Chupryaev I.K., Ponomareva S.D., Yasakova A.V., Frolova E.V.


The article presents the results of modern research regarding the mechanisms of the positive effect of physical activity on cognitive functions, the benefits of aerobic exercise, and recommendations on physical activity for older adults with cognitive impairment.

Russian Family Doctor. 2020;24(1):45-51
pages 45-51 views

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