Vol 21, No 2 (2017)

Features of palliative care for patients with dementia
Kuznetsova O.Y., Moiseeva I.E.

The article presents some features of palliative care for elderly and senile patients with dementia. The types and purposes of palliative care for patients with cognitive impairment, the principles of planning of palliative care, the features of nutrition of patients with dementia, the issues of assessing the pain syndrome and the treatment of co-morbidities in patients with dementia are considered.

Russian Family Doctor. 2017;21(2):5-12
Herpes virus infections caused by neuroand integument-tropic viruses (HSV-I, II AND VZV)Part II
Neverov V.A., Vasiliev V.V., Demidenko T.P.

The lecture addresses the issues of provision of medical care and treatment to patients affected with herpes diseases caused by neuro- and integument-tropic viruses (HSV-I, -II и VZV).

Russian Family Doctor. 2017;21(2):13-21
Complex medical care of the patient with comorbidity in geriatric center
Haritonova T.V., Yurganova A.N.

The article presents the clinical case of treatment of 77-years old patient with comorbidity in geriatric center.

Russian Family Doctor. 2017;21(2):22-26
Chronicle of family medicine: view from iowa city (USA)
Kiseleva G.V., Bukiia E.G.

The article presents a brief essay about the training of two representatives of the department of family medicine of North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov in April - May 2017 in the Iowa University (USA) dedicated to study of education system and organization of health care in America.

Russian Family Doctor. 2017;21(2):27-34

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