Molecular analysis of genetic polymorphism and phylogenetic relationships in Ribes L.

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The RAPD analysis have been used to study genome polymorphism and phylogenetic relationships in genus Ribes L. Levels of interspecific, intraspecific and intercultivars genome diversity have been evaluated. Revealed polymorphism allows the recognition of closely related cultivars. Genotype-specific RAPD fragments and also group-specific fragments have been identified. Hybrids between blackcurrant and gooseberry have shown more similarity with blackcurrant. Calculated similarity coefficients and dendrogram topology support the genus classifications that recognize equal independent taxonomic level of blackcurrant, redcurrant and gooseberry with genus Ribes L.


About the authors

Anna V Pikunova

Orel State Agrarian University, Oryol, Oryol Oblast, RF


Elena V Martirosyan

Centre Bioengineering RAS, Moscow, RF


Sergey D Knyazev

All-Russian Research Institute of Horticultural Crops Selection, Oryol, Oryol Oblast, RF


Natalia N Ryzhova

Centre Bioengineering RAS, Moscow, RF



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